CIF Track Events

All of the track events are the same for both girls and boys. During meets, the girls always compete first in each track event. The following list shows all of the events and the order of the running events at each meet (relay meets and invitational meets will often have different events / order). It is important to follow the pace of each meet and each event so that you know when you should start your event warm-up.

CIF Field Events

The following field events are contested at the same time as the running events. The order of the events is at the discretion of the meet manager, but general guidelines are usually followed. At some meets, events are contested at the same time (ie. girl’s long jump / boy’s triple jump).  If you are entered into both a field event and a track event, you must check in at both and let the meet managers / officials know that you must leave to run a race / take a jump / take a throw.  You are given a short time limit in which you must return. Experience, and paying careful attention to the pace of the meet, will get you to the right place at the right time.